Jaguar Cross Country and Track & Field

Team Costs

Kimball Cross Country/Track & Field Cost Information

Participating in Sports is getting more expensive every year. To help parents and athletes prepare for the upcoming season, here is an initial cost analysis for the upcoming season.

Transportation Fee       $150

This is a district wide transportation fee required at all schools for all participants, regardless of actual contests.

In addition, each athlete will need to purchase their own shoes for practice and competition. Sprint athletes should have a quality running shoe and spikes. Spikes can be event oriented, but most high school athletes can succeed in a general sprinting spike. Throw athletes should have cross trainers and throw shoes. Distance runners will need a quality training shoe and either racing flats or distance spikes for competition.

Spirit Pack

The team Spirit Pack consists of warm ups and team T-Shirt (Long Sleeve and Short Sleeve) and a Cinch Bag (Track Spikes). It's important for team spirit that all team members wear school colors to all meets. Beginning in 2011, the spirit pack will be the same for both cross country and track. . If you wish to purchase each item indiviudally, you may, and those prices are:

Parents are also welcome to purchase team gear. However, the due date will be approximately 2-3 weeks before our first league meet.

Team Fundraiser $50 Minimum

For Cross Country, each team member will participate in the summer run a thon to help raise money to pay for entry fee's. Since the team does not receive any money for the school for entry fee's, we have to raise it. I ask for a minimum of $50 from each student. Any extra funds will go into a uniform fund to help replace uniforms. For Track & Field, we will be hosting a run a thon at the beginning of the season, and asking each athlete to raise a minimum of $50.


Team Members also need to get a good pair of shoes for their event. Distance Runners will generally need a training shoe, and as they get more competitive, a racing flat. Sprinters will need spikes to train and race in. Generally, you may want a heavier shoe for training and a lighter one for races. A decent pair of spikes start at about $40-50, while a decent running shoes are around 80-90 dollars. While they can get expensive, it is an investment to help protect your feet.