Jaguar Cross Country and Track & Field

Cross Country Rules

Welcome to the 2013 Cross Country season. This season promises to be exciting and challenging. Cross Country is a mentally and physically demanding sport. Training for the meets is designed for you to be as prepared for the race as possible. There are times when you will have lots of fun, and there are times when you will be completely exhausted. What’s important is that you’re here everyday and working to improve. Just remember, you will go only as far as you are willing to go.

Eligibility Rules

Eligibility rules state that student-athletes must have a 2.0 or above GPA to be members of athletic teams with No f’s. This GPA is taken from your previous semester or quarter grade. For instance, to be eligible for cross country, your grades from the 2nd semester will effect whether you are eligible or not. Individuals having an F or below 2.0 for 2nd semester card marking are not eligible to participate in cross country.

Saturday School Hours and Fines

Individuals with 16 or more Saturday School hours will be placed on an exclusion list and are ineligible to participate until they have 15 or fewer hours. Individuals with fines will not be allowed to practice or compete until they are removed from the fine list.

Physical, Insurance Form and Emergency Card

All athletes participating in sports must have a Physical, Insurance Form and Emergency Card on file to participate. These are due on the first day of school, August 12th.

Transportation Fee

The transportation fee this year will be $150 dollars. This must be paid by August 29th. After August 29th, you will not be allowed to participate until the fees are paid. Due to budget reductions, athletes now have to pay 100% of transportation costs.


Due to District Budget cuts, we will also have to raise funds for all. All runners will be participating in the Summer Run A Thon, where each athlete is required to raise a minimum of $50.


1. Consistent Practice Attendance: Each athlete is expected to attend all practices. It’s important for your development as an athlete to attend practice. However, there are circumstances when individuals may have to miss practices, i.e.. Club activities, choir practice, etc.. Please let me know in advance. To attend meets, you need to be at a minimum of 3 practices during that week.

2. Punctuality: Each athlete is expected to arrive to practice and competitions on time and ready to run. If you arrive late, you’ll probably be left behind.

3. Practice Apparel: Each athlete is required to wear RUNNING SHOES, SHORTS, TOPS, & SWEATS to practice.

4. Meet Uniforms: Team uniforms & sweats are to be worn at all competitions. Athletes are expected to step off the bus in uniform! Sweats shall remain on at all times before and after your races! This is important for warming-up, mental focus, & team unity. WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Wash in cold, hang dry! DO NOT PUT IN DRYER!

5. Athlete Conduct: Jaguar Cross Country Team members represent the athletic program at Kimball High School. They are representatives of the school and the community. Each athlete is responsible for setting a tradition of exemplary conduct. Support your teammates, make a positive contribution to the sport, and act responsibly in every situation. Problems must be handled in a mature and rational manner. Communication with your coach is essential. IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO LIVE UP TO THESE STANDARDS YOU WILL BE DROPPED FROM THE TEAM.

Under NO circumstances are athletes allowed to dispute rulings with meet officials! Athletes must maintain their composure and let their coach deal with the situation. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THIS PROTOCOL IS GROUNDS FOR DISQUALIFICATION FROM COMPETITION AND SUSPENSION FROM THE TEAM.

6. Transportation to and from Competition: Kimball High School and Team policy regarding student-athlete transportation will be followed WITHOUT exception! This policy is as follows: Athletes transported from Kimball High School to away competition via district bus must also return to Kimball High School via district bus or be released to their legal guardian at the competition site. Athletes will not be released to anyone other than a legal guardian. Friends, relatives, neighbors, etc., are NOT legal guardians. Team policy further requires that any athlete not returning to KHS with the team via district bus give the head coach verbal notification and visual confirmation of the presence of a legal guardian before departure. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE PROCEDURES WILL RESULT IN SUSPENSION FROM THE TEAM.

Lastly, our goal is to have a productive season, where everyone learns about proper training, nutrition and competition. As Head Coach, I reserve the right to remove an athlete from the team if I feel that individual is not living up to the expectations set forth above.


We do run on sidewalks and on the streets. To help maintain safety, each athlete must follow the following set of rules during practice. These were developed in conjunction with the Districts Insurance Company and all three high school cross country programs:

  1. Follow all signs and regulations.
  2. Look both ways before crossing any street.
  3. When crossing a street, you must always cross in a cross walk when possible. When lights and crosswalks are not available, cross to/from a street corner.
  4. When crossing a street with a Traffic Light, you must press the button and wait for the walk signal EVEN IF THERE IS NO TRAFFIC PRESENT.
  5. When crossing a side street with no traffic light, you must stop and look in all directions. If there is a driver at the stop sign, make sure they see that you are crossing before you go in front of that car. MAKE EYE CONTACT with that driver.
  6. Do not assume that a car will stop for you, be a defensive runner.
  7. NEVER run into the middle of the street.
  8. Stay on the sidewalk at all times. You are never to be running in the bike lane or in the road. Run on the inside shoulder of the road if there are no sidewalks available, and run against traffic, this way you can see oncoming cars.
  9. Run together. You should always be running with at least one other person, or within view of other people.
  10. Stay on the designated path/course. Taking other side streets or going the wrong direction may result in loss of road running privileges or removal from the team.
  11. Do not make stops (restroom use excluded), detours, or shortcuts.
  12. All school rules apply while out away from the school.
  13. Wear light colors and appropriate clothing: running shorts/pants, t-shirt or tank top, etc… Shirts must be worn properly and at all times.
  14. Be respectful of others and stay off their property. Do not engage in destruction of personal property. Do not enter people’s homes.
  15. While running, one coach will stay in the front and one coach will stay in the back. Runners must be within visual range of the coaches so that all runners are under supervision. Coaches may be on bike, running, or in a car following.
  16. You must stay within visual range of either coach during runs. (Make sure I can see you). Preferably, you will be running with either Coach. I should be able to see you ahead of me, or turn around and see you behind me. You should be able to do the same.
  17. Everybody runs with a partner, never run alone.
  18. Off-Road Trails, you must stay on the trail and you may not leave it. At regional parks, you will be required to carry a map when available. Same rules apply toward coach’s supervision; you must be within visual range of either coach.
  19. Do your best on any assigned run to complete them in an appropriate time. Failure to do so will result in loss of road running privileges and/or removal from the team.
  20. Violations of these rules will go from a warning, to suspension then to dismissal.
  21. These rules are for your safety! We want you to enjoy running cross country, work hard, have fun, but we also want to keep you from unnecessary accidents.



Required items: the following items are required at all practices and competitions.

·          Water Bottle

·          Sun block

·          Running Shoes

·          Sweat Pants

·          Running Shirt

·          Digital Watch with Split/Lap Time Capabilities

·          Running Shorts

Recommended items: these items are not required, but recommended for athletes.

·          Racing Flats (Or you can use your regular training shoe)

·          Heart Rate Monitor


Frosh-soph requirements:

Athlete must finish a minimum of 5 races and complete the season in good standing.

Varsity requirements:

• Athlete must finish a minimum of 5 Varsity Races. Only athletes that complete Five VARSITY races during the fall season are eligible for a VARSITY Letter Award.

• Top 7 finish on Varsity team in 3 or more races

Athletes that quit the team for any reason, or are dropped from the team as disciplinary action, or fail to achieve the minimum academic standard for participation forfeit all awards.


Cross Country competitors must wear school issued racing uniforms. Additional garments (spandex shorts or tights, short or long sleeve tops, athletic bras) must be solid WHITE and worn beneath the uniform. Jewelry is NOT allowed!!! DO NOT WEAR JEWELRY, INCLUDING EAR/NOSE/BELLY BUTTON/FINGER RINGS OR STUDS, BRACELETS, NECKLACES, HAIR CLIPS, BOBBY PINS, OR ANY OTHER HARD OBJECT! Watches and prescription eye glasses ARE acceptable in competition.

Athletes may be disqualified for the following infractions:
• Uniform/Jewelry violation.
• Failure to follow directions of meet personnel.
• Use of profanity.
• Causing a competitor to break stride.
• Impeding or interfering with a competitor.
• Physical contact with a competitor.
• Failure to run designated course.

Varsity races are 5k and Frosh/Soph races are 2 miles.

The top 7 finishers for each team are factored into the final team score. Teams with fewer than 5 competitors are incomplete and their finishers are deleted from scoring. The total of the top 5 finishing places for each team represents the team scores. The lowest score wins.

There are 2 divisions of competition Kimball High will compete in: Varsity and Frosh-Soph. The Kimball Cross Country Program will place athletes in divisions based on the following criterion:

Varsity: The top 7 fastest athletes regardless of grade will compete in this division. Invitational and post season competition limits team size to 7 runners. However, VOL dual meet rules allow teams to run as many as 10 athletes in Varsity competition. Fielding more than 7 runners in Varsity competition is done at the discretion of the coach usually for the purpose of providing experience for future Varsity athletes, run-offs between athletes competing for a Varsity position, or as reward for exemplary conduct by veterans.

Frosh-Sophomore: This division is restricted to Freshmen and Sophomores only. Freshman and Sophomore’s may be moved up, but only after performance dictates that they be moved.

KHS will be participating in the Valley Oak League for 2010. All levels will compete in the VOL Championship meet. We will also participate at Angel’s Camp for Sub Sections, where runners are able to qualify for Sections. At Sections, they qualify for the State Championship Meet.