Jaguar Cross Country and Track & Field

Track & Field Team Rules


Team Rules Agreement

Welcome to the 2015 Track and Field Season. Our goal this year is to contend for the VOL Championships at all 4 levels, and compete at the Section and State levels of competition. For this to happen, all athletes need PRIDE- Passion, Responsibility, Integrity, Discipline and Education. By making this commitment, you will be strengthening one of the top programs at Kimball HS. Track and Field is a mentally and physically demanding sport. Training is designed to prepare athletes for races at various distances, jumping and throwing events. Our expectations are that athletes will attend practice everyday, work hard every day, follow directions of the coaching staff, and be willing to do different events when asked. Our goal is to develop young athletes who compete, display good sportsmanship, keep good grades and have good attitudes. Poor attitudes will not be tolerated at any time, and are subject to being dismissed.

Eligibility Rules: Eligibility rules state that student-athletes must have a 2.0 or above GPA to be members of athletic teams with No F’s. This GPA is taken from your previous semester or quarter grade. For instance, to be eligible for Track & Field, your grades from the 1st semester will effect whether you are eligible or not to compete during 3rd quarter competitions. Individuals having an F or below 2.0 on the 3rd quarter grade period are ineligible for the 4th Quarter and subject to dismissal from the team.

Grade Checks: All Track & Field Athletes will be required to fill out a grade check sheet throughout the season. Any athlete with a failing grade or missing a grade check will sit out that weeks meet, or until the grade is brought up to a passing grade.

Saturday School Hours and Fines: Individuals with 16 or more Saturday School hours will be placed on an exclusion list and are ineligible to participate until they have 15 or fewer hours. Individuals with fines will not be allowed to practice or compete until they are removed from the fine list.

Physical, Insurance Form, Emergency Card and Team Rules Agreement: All athletes participating in sports must have a Physical, Insurance Form, Emergency Card and Team Rules Agreement on file to participate. These are due before you can attend conditioning or practice.

Transportation Fee: No More Transportation Fee.

Important Team Rules

1. Consistent Practice Attendance: Each athlete is expected to attend all practices. Every effort must be made to schedule time so that there are no conflicts with daily practice. As a member of the Kimball High Track & Field Team, you are making a commitment to attend all practices. If a valid reason for missing practice exists (illness or emergency), the athlete must notify the coach prior to the practice they will miss. Practice is scheduled from 3:45 pm through 6:00 pm Monday through Friday. MISSING PRACTICE WITHOUT PRIOR NOTIFICATION WILL RESULT IN SUSPENSION FROM COMPETITION. 1 UNEXCUSED ABSENCE WILL RESULT IN SUSPENSION FROM 1 COMPETITION. 3 TARDIES EQUALS 1 UNEXCUSED ABSENCE. AFTER 3 UNEXCUSED ABSENCES, ATHLETE MAY BE DROPPED FROM THE TEAM.  Club or AAU Sports, Jobs, or Babysitting are not valid excuses for missing practice. If a student is at school, they are expected to be at practice. If a parent pulls an athlete from the team due to grades or other reasons, coaches reserve the right to drop athlete from the team.

2. Punctuality: Each athlete is expected to arrive to practice and competitions on time and ready to run. Practice is scheduled from 4:00 pm through 6:00 pm Monday through Friday.

3. Practice Apparel: Each athlete is required to wear RUNNING SHOES, SHORTS, TOPS, & SWEAT PANTS to practice. Sweat Pants will be worn for warm-up, stretching, and drills every day regardless of weather.

4. Meet Uniforms: The team will provide Team Uniforms for competition. There is a Team Spirit Pack that is strongly encouraged for all team members to purchase. Team Uniform is to be worn at all competitions. Athletes are expected to step off the bus wearing sweats and team shirts! Sweats & team shirts shall remain on at all times before and after your races! This is important for warming-up, mental focus, & team unity. Under NO circumstances are team uniforms or sweats to be worn at any other time! It is a CIF violation to wear a school uniform in unsanctioned competition. WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Wash in cold, hang dry! DO NOT PUT IN DRYER! Spandex may be worn underneath the school issued running shorts, and are part of the Spirit Pack.

5. Athlete Conduct: Track & Field Team members represent the athletic program at KHS. They are representatives of the school and the community. Each athlete is responsible for building a tradition of exemplary conduct. Support your teammates, make a positive contribution to the sport, and act responsibly in every situation. Problems must be handled in a mature and rational manner. Communication with your coach is essential. IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO LIVE UP TO THESE STANDARDS YOU WILL BE DROPPED FROM THE TEAM. FOUL LANGUAGE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Under NO circumstances are athletes or parents allowed to dispute rulings with meet officials! Athletes and parents must maintain their composure and let their coach deal with the situation. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THIS PROTOCOL IS GROUNDS FOR DISQUALIFICATION FROM COMPETITION AND SUSPENSION FROM THE TEAM. COACHES RESERVE THE RIGHT TO DISMISS ATHLETES FROM THE TEAM AT ANY TIME.

6. Transportation to and from Competition: Team policy regarding student-athlete transportation will be followed WITHOUT exception! This policy is as follows: Athletes transported from KHS to an away competition via district bus must also return to KHS via district bus or be released to their legal guardian at the competition site. Athletes will not be released to anyone other than a legal guardian. Friends, relatives, neighbors, etc., are NOT legal guardians. Team policy further requires that any athlete not returning to KHS with the team via district bus give the head coach verbal notification and visual confirmation of the presence of a legal guardian before departure. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE PROCEDURES WILL RESULT IN SUSPENSION FROM THE TEAM.


We do run on sidewalks and on the streets. To help maintain safety, each athlete must follow the following set of rules during practice. These were developed in conjunction with the Districts Insurance Company and all three high schools cross country programs:

1.    Follow all signs and regulations.

2.    Look both ways before crossing any street.

3.    When crossing a street, you must always cross in a cross walk when possible. When lights and crosswalks are not available, cross to/from a street corner.

4.    When crossing a street with a Traffic Light, you must press the button and wait for the walk signal EVEN IF THERE IS NO TRAFFIC PRESENT.

5.    When crossing a side street with no traffic light, you must stop and look in all directions. If there is a driver at the stop sign, make sure they see that you are crossing before you go in front of that car. MAKE EYE CONTACT with that driver.

6.    Do not assume that a car will stop for you, be a defensive runner.

7.    NEVER run into the middle of the street.

8.    Stay on the sidewalk at all times. You are never to be running in the bike lane or in the road. Run on the inside shoulder of the road if there are no sidewalks available, and run against traffic, this way you can see oncoming cars.

9.    Run together. You should always be running with at least one other person, or within view of other people.

10. Stay on the designated path/course. Taking other side streets or going the wrong direction may result in loss of road running privileges or removal from the team.

11. Do not make stops (restroom use excluded), detours, or shortcuts.

12. All school rules apply while out away from the school.

13. Wear light colors and appropriate clothing: running shorts/pants, t-shirt or tank top, etc… Shirts must be worn properly and at all times.

14. Be respectful of others and stay off their property. Do not engage in destruction of personal property. Do not enter people’s homes.

15. While running, one coach will stay in the front and one coach will stay in the back. Runners must be within visual range of the coaches so that all runners are under supervision. Coaches may be on bike, running, or in a car following.

16. You must stay within visual range of either coach during runs. (Make sure I can see you). Preferably, you will be running with either Coach. I should be able to see you ahead of me, or turn around and see you behind me. You should be able to do the same.

17. Everybody runs with a partner, never run alone.

18. Off-Road Trails, you must stay on the trail and you may not leave it. At regional parks, you will be required to carry a map when available. Same rules apply toward coach’s supervision; you must be within visual range of either coach.

19. Do your best on any assigned run to complete them in an appropriate time. Failure to do so will result in loss of road running privileges and/or removal from the team.

20. Violations of these rules will go from a warning, to suspension then to dismissal.

21. These rules are for your safety! We want you to enjoy running cross country, work hard, have fun, but we also want to keep you from unnecessary accidents.


Mandatory Equipment

REQUIRED ITEMS: The following items are required at all practices and competitions.

·         Water Bottle

·         Running Shoes (Fleet feet Stockton)

·         Spikes (sprinters, hurdlers, jumpers) (Fleet feet Stockton) or Throw Shoes

·         Warm Ups  (Team Spirit Pack)

·         Running Shorts and Shirt. You may wear your PE Uniforms to practice.

·         Digital Watch with Split/Lap Time Capabilities. (Distance runners only)


Athlete must compete in a minimum of 7 competitions and attend a minimum of 50 practice sessions to be considered for a Participation Award: Only athletes that compete in at least seven competitions and attend at least 50 practice sessions during the spring season are eligible to be considered for a Participant Track & Field Letter Award.


Athlete must compete in a minimum of 7 VARSITY competitions, attend a minimum of 50 practice sessions, and achieve one of the following 3 standards:

• 20 points earned in varsity league competition OR

• Achievement of 3 Letterman Event Standards OR

• Qualify for the SJS Division Meet

Achievement of Letterman Standards in THREE separate events qualifies athlete for a Track & Field Letter Award provided that the athlete has attended 50 or more practice sessions and participated in at least 7 competitions during the season. Athletes that do not reach these minimums will receive Participant Awards. Achievement of one of the following automatically earns Letter Award provided the athlete has competed in seven competitions and attended 50 practice sessions.


Boys Letterman

Girls Letterman































Pole Vault



High Jump



Long Jump



Triple Jump



Shot Put








Team and Individual Scoring

Track and Field scoring is based on place in a race. In a regular duel meet, 1st place is worth 5 points, 2nd place is worth 3 and 3rd place is worth 1 point. The team with the most points at the end wins the meets. This goes in all events, except for relays. In relays, the 1st place team receives 5 points; the other team receives 0 points. In a dual meet, there are 136 points possible. A team score of 69 secures a win. Due to this, we always try to fill all of the events, even if it means pulling someone from their preferred event. At Invitational’s, first place is worth 10 pts, and scoring often goes to the 5th or 6th place runner, depending on the number of teams. Individual athletes’ points will also be kept during the course of the season. They receive the number of points that correspond to the place that they finished. If they have 3 first place finishes in a dual meet, they would score 15 points. The exception is on relays. For relays, each member splits the points earned. For instance, in a dual meet, the team would get 5 points for winning the 4x100. However, each member of the 4x100 team would receive 1.25 points.

If you have any questions or concerns, the best way to contact me is by email.

Thank you,

Benjamin Trombley

Head Coach




Assistant Coaches

Jerome Bearden: Hurdles

Ken McClain: Throws

Mike Nunn: Jumps

Debonairre Shelton: Sprints


Return this portion to Coach Trombley. This needs to be signed and returned by Feb 15th. Athletes will not be allowed to Participate in any meet if this is not turned in by that time. Athletes will not be allowed to participate until all forms are turned in.

Required Forms – Physical, Insurance, Concussion, Emergency Card & Team Rules Agreement

Personal Commitment Contract

In order to more fully realize out potential as a Team, I commit myself to the following for the remainder of the season.

Sleep: 7.5 to 9 hours of sleep per night and go to bed at the same time each night.

Nutrition: Work to eat the right kind and the right amount of food at the correct time each day.

Hydration: Carry a water bottle and drink from it during the day to keep water in your system.

Iron: Diligently work to keep your iron levels up.

Listen to your body: Be honest with yourself, communicate with coaches about injuries and don’t try and run when you’re hurt.

Communicate: In an honest and timely manner with your coach.

Discipline: Stay out of discipline situations at school.

Academics: Make sure you are doing assignments, and keeping up with your schoolwork.

Team First: Avoid activities that put you at risk of getting injured.

Lead: By example

Follow: Your coach’s suggestions

Trust: Your teammates and your coach.